Welcome to New Motivation Coaching!

As Food & Wellness Lifestyle Experts, we believe food can be easy, delicious, and healthy and that exercise can be enjoyable and build confidence in all areas of your life. We combine the science of nutrition, exercise, and health management with coaching and behavior change techniques to help you bring nutrition-rich, flavorful food to your table AND meet your health goals!

Find-Your-Tribe-SMALLMission: At New Motivation Coaching, our purpose is to help adults improve their health and reach and maintain their personal most healthful weight. We work with those who wish to have a more relaxed relationship with diet and exercise as well as those with health conditions that can be affected by food and activity. We only staff certified and licensed health professionals who coach in a safe, effective, and empowering way that fosters a good relationship with food, activity, and one’s body.

 What We Offer

Our programs are designed to move you to better health by building your skills and knowledge, finding the best approaches for your lifestyle and preferences, and discovering real-life, flexible, and long-term solutions. Health is not one-size-fits-all in terms of nutrition or exercise.

If you want different results, try a different approach.

Follow a non-diet approach by making small, realistic changes. You will find a more relaxed and gentle approach to food and activity to achieve and maintain better health without rules, stress, or good food/bad food guilt.

Focused on improving health?

We offer health-focused programs and can help you improve your labs and reduce your risk for – or manage – chronic diseases.

Focused on weight change?

You will find that by focusing on small changes to improve health, your weight may change; but we don’t focus on that as the only measure of progress because you are so much more than a number on the scale. 

Focused on finding peace with food, exercise, and your body?

Attachment-1 (1).jpegThis is our goal for all of our clients! We embrace body diversity and self-acceptance because health comes in many shapes and sizes. We believe you can love yourself and seek to improve yourself! Let us show you how to build the same habits of people that research shows have met their health goals for the long-term!

Check out our services – one-on-one coaching, group education and support classes, workshops and classes, or our Redefining Health Book Club (coming soon!) – to find the best fit for your goals! And we promise we won’t give you another diet plan or meal plan to follow (that doesn’t work for you anyway) or try to sell you any shakes, supplements, or any other products.

Why choose New Motivation Coaching?

We only staff health professionals licensed to practice in the State of Florida. Our health coaches have completed accredited educational programs, had hands-on competency-based internships, and have passed national registration and/or certification exams. We also involve students to help them build their skills to attain licensure and certification. Learn more about us and see what our clients have to say.

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